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Biomes and Cosmic Curriculum study can begin as early as three years old with an introduction to plants, animals, water, soil, air, and the Sun.

This package includes our Celebration Sun and Seasons mat for lessons on the Sun and the Earth and for use with birthday celebrations. It also includes An Introduction to The Biomes with Curriculum. This material includes our Waseca Biomes Curriculum Guide for the teacher and primary nomenclature cards to introduce parts of the biomes, vertebrates, plants, and the different biomes found on our planet.

Parts of the Biome Readers bridge the Waseca Reading Program (included in our Language Package) with the lessons on Energy from the Sun, Soil, Air, Water, Plants, and Animals. The included Parts of the Biome Jars can be used to collect specimens and parts of the biome on outdoor excursions. In the Primary classroom, the youngest children can sort animals on the Land Air Water Mat.

Older children can label the Backyard Biome Mat with grammar cards and begin to build sentences. The Landform Mat features an imaginary landscape with land and water forms to label and explore. This package also includes a Cosmic Nesting Box to beautifully demonstrate your place in the Universe.


Classroom packages include all materials shown on this page. Classroom shelving is sold separately and can be found here:


Cosmic Nesting Box



An Introduction to the Biomes with Curriculum-Primary



Celebration Sun



Seasons Mat



Backyard Biome Mat Bundle



Land Air Water Mat Bundle



Landform Mat



Complete Set of Parts of the Biome Readers-New!



Three Part Card Tray Cabinet -Primary



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