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  • North America Portfolio
  • North America Portfolio
  • North America Portfolio
  • North America Portfolio

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These portfolios are our newest endeavor, combining integrated curriculum, Systems Thinking, and a place for a child to create and keep their continent work. Take a journey through a continent exploring each new biome with a local guide. Stay with local hosts and learn about customs and culture. Explore the landscape, flora, and fauna of each biome.

The exercises in this book include: reading comprehension, math applications, art skills, food chains, map navigations and more. The exercises are designed as a new way for the children to work with your geography lessons and the Waseca materials you already have!  The activities and research projects prompt the child to use the Waseca Biome and Waseca Animal cards for reference, and the stories tie back into and expand upon the information introduced in our cards. They feature plant and animal research pages and there is even a spot to include a child drawn biome map made with help from our wooden puzzles or stencils.

Note: The continent portfolios are intended to be used by an individual child while studying a continent. We created this book with the intention that every child in a classroom can have a portfolio of their own in which to collect their research, make maps, write journal entries, and create art projects while working on a study of a continent.

Parents of students can also be encouraged to buy the portfolio for their child (without the costs of shipping) here on our site or they can head to Amazon. Please allow 10 days for delivery.

Europe coming soon!! 


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read more about the portfolios in our blog post 

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