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  • North America Biome Puzzle
  • North America Biome Puzzle

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Traditionally, in Montessori classrooms, we have had the political maps in the 3 to 6 classroom, but the idea of a political boundary is very abstract for the young child. By contrast, the idea of a mountain of rock, a field of grass, a forest of trees or a plane of ice and snow can be very real and concrete. Consider biome maps for your primary classroom as an integral part of your biome studies that bring geography, science and language together to spark the child’s imagination.

Biome puzzle maps encourage children to see the earth as a biosphere. Pieces are color-coded to represent the biomes of a continent and are laser-cut in wood, so lost pieces are always replaceable. They include a double-sided wood veneer control chart. The puzzles shown here are our new version, now printed on wood, allowing the beautiful grain to show through. 

Item: 100NAP

  • Wooden puzzle 11"x 17"x 3/8" 
  • Double-sided wood veneer control chart
  • Laser-cut pieces
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