Everglades Habitat Mat Bundle


  • Everglades Habitat Mat
  • Everglades Habitat Mat-unpacked
  • Everglades Habitat Mat-storage
  • Everglades Habitat Mat-animals
  • Everglades Habitat Mat-story cards
  • Everglades Habitat Mat-fact file cards
  • Everglades Habitat Mat-food chain

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The Everglades Habitat Mat provides students with many dynamic options for exploring a wetlands ecosystem. The wooden animals can be matched to the mat and labels help children learn the names of the animals and parts of the wetland biome. They can be used to make and symbolize sentences about the plants and animals. Word problems encourage the students to use and think about the application of math in ecology. Sequence cards motivate storytellers to act out the drama with characters of the included story. Fact File Cards provide information on all of the animals and provide guidance for working with the Food Chain Chart and energy transfer arrows. Wooden boxes for all of the cards are included along with a lidded wooden storage box with dividers and a tray for easy and tidy shelf storage.


Item: 181NAEM



  • Canvas mat with storage bag
  • Habitat mat storage box for parts
  • Wooden animals with food chain charts
  • Grammar and sentence cards
  • Animal fact file
  • Math problems
  • Storage boxes

Everglades mat lesson  


*We have recently added a storage box for the Habitat Mats. If you need to purchase this item separately please contact us. 






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