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The Everglades Habitat mat offers an in-depth study of an ecosystem while exploring all of the diversity and interdependence of the species living there. There are wooden pieces for young learners to match on the mat. Word problems give children a deeper understanding of the ecology through math!  It's fun to make and symbolize sentences about the plants and animals that live there. Storytellers are encouraged with characters to act out the drama, and sequence cards to remind them of key points. Fact file cards tell you what eats what so that you can make a food chain on the chart. 

Item: 181NAEM


  • Canvas mat with storage bag
  • Habitat mat storage box for parts
  • Wooden animals with food chain charts
  • Grammar and sentence cards
  • Animal fact file
  • Math problems
  • Storage boxes

Everglades mat lesson  


We have recently added a storage box for the Habitat Mats. If you need to purchase this item separately please contact us. 




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