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New! This is the final installment of our curriculum-supported portfolio books. This series is designed as a new way for children to work with the Waseca materials you already have!

We created this series with the intention that every child in a classroom can have a portfolio of their own in which to collect their research, make maps, write journal entries and create art projects, while working on the study of a continent. Activities and research projects prompt the child to use the European Biome Cards for reference, with a story that ties back into and expands upon information introduced in our cards and other materials.

Your European adventure begins with your arrival in Madrid. After some exploration of the city, you travel to a finca in the dehesa to spend time with your local hosts, Mateo and Daniela. After learning about life on their farm, you head north to Bilbao to experience some Basque history and cuisine with your new friend Xuxa and her family. You even get to experience the mountain pastures of Aralar Natural Park in the Pyrenees to learn a bit more about life as a Basque pastor! From the mountains, your journey takes you deep into the Black Forest to spend time with another new friend, Luka, and his family. Next stop on your travels: the Delta Danube! Here you learn about the diversity of the wildlife and people who live in Europe’s best preserved wetlands. Your final destination is deep in the heart of Sápmi, the land of the Saami. You spend the last few days of your trip with a family of reindeer herders at their summer pastures on Sørøya island in Norway.

The chapters include a combination of activities that explore both the cultural and natural elements of each biome with integrated lessons that challenge the child’s math, research, art and map skills. Created with and for children ages 6-10 to challenge their reading skills and encourage their sense of wonder.

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