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 Our Continent Portfolios invite a child to take a trip to each continent and explore its biomes with native guides. The books introduce children to the flora and fauna of each region they visit and the customs of the people who live there.

The exercises in this book include: reading comprehension, math applications, art skills, food chains, map navigations and more. The exercises are designed as a new way for the children to work with your geography lessons and the Waseca materials you already have!  

The activities and research projects prompt the child to use the Waseca Biome and Waseca Animal cards for reference, and the stories tie back into and expand upon the information introduced in our cards. They feature plant and animal research pages and there is even a spot to include a child drawn biome map made with help from our wooden puzzles or stencils. They are designed for an individual child to complete and treasure. Portfolios are also available on Amazon


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