Europe Biome Mat


  • Europe Biome Mat
  • Europe Biome Mat
  • Europe Biome Mat
  • Europe Biome Mat

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The Europe Biome Mat is a beautifully illustrated representation of a continent's physical geography depicting biomes, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges and more. Includes illustrated cards and labels to identify specific geographical features found on the continent mat and command cards on three levels with a wooden command card box. Children working with the biome mat will gain a knowledge of the "lay of the land" that will

foster a familiarity with the continent. That knowledge translates to the map making work of the continent stencils. Command cards create prompts for independent work and research. (6 to 12 years)

Item: 575EUM


  • 24 x 36" canvas mat with storage bag
  • Geographical feature cards
  • Command cards with box

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