Complete set of Biome Puzzles with Stand


  • Complete set of Biome Puzzles
  • North America Puzzle
  • Africa Puzzle
  • South America Puzzle
  • Europe Puzzle
  • Asia Puzzle
  • Oceania Puzzle
  • antarctica puzzle
  • Complete set of Biome Puzzles with Stand

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Biome puzzle maps encourage children to see the earth as a biosphere. Pieces are color-coded to represent the biomes of a continent and laser-cut in wood, so lost pieces are always replaceable. They include a double-sided wood veneer control chart. The puzzles shown here are our new version, now printed on wood, allowing the beautiful grain to show through.

Item: 800CPS


  • All seven continents puzzles
  • Wood veneer control charts
  • Wooden map stand
  • Map legend stamp

The map stand can sit on a shelf or on the floor. It includes 11" x 17" sliding trays that safely store the control charts and can also be used for map-making. 

Details: Map stand measures -13 1/4" H x 19" W x 12"D

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