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  • Asia Stencil
  • Asia Stencil
  • Asia Stencil
  • Asia Stencil
  • Asia Stencil

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These beautiful wood veneer stencils are 11" x 17" and include a wooden tray, a control map in full color showing the geographical features of the continent, a stencil for the outline of the continent, a stencil for the mountain ranges and a stencil for the rivers and lakes. This exercise creates a "to scale" map that can be illustrated and labeled to identify the geographical features and biomes of a continent. Map legend stamp sold separately. (4 to 12 years)

Stencils are made out of a wood veneer that is sustainably sourced. Despite their thinness, they are remarkably durable and replacements parts are available. But as always, care should be taken to preserve the longevity of the material. 

Item: 435ASMS


  • Wooden tray 11"x 17"x 1" 
  • 3 wooden stencils
  • 1 wooden control

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