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  • Africa Biome Cards
  • Africa Biome Cards
  • Africa Biome Cards
  • Africa Biome Cards
  • Africa Biome Cards

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Africa is a fascinating continent in terms of wildlife and indigenous people.  The Congo Basin provides a steamy tropical biome with a frog the size of a cat.  The deserts are varied from sand dunes to thorny scrub.  The grasslands are called savannas because of their tropical nature and are home to many different herds and their predators. There are plants and animals in the mountains of the Rift Valley unlike anything else on the planet. Here we introduce the indigenous tribes of the Masai of the grasslands, the !Kung of the desert (make a clicking sound at the start), and the Efe pygmies of the tropical forest.  People of the Nile Delta live in cities and modern buildings, while mountain villages in Ethiopia are remote and independent of global commerce.

Designed for elementary classes, this material covers all the biomes found on a particular continent and offers a structure for independent research. Three-part cards include: a description card for older readers, an illustrated picture card and a label.  Each biome is explored with cards for these examples:

Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Fish, Invertebrate, Plant.

People, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, Culture.

All three cards are printed with coding on the backside for continent, biome and the classifications identified above. Animal cards are chosen for their interesting environmental adaptations. Indigenous, rural and urban cultures are explored for a realistic view of people on the continent. A teacher’s manual outlines lesson presentations and offers ideas for extensions. A black-line biome map and masters of the illustrations are also included. All sets are cut and ready to laminate. (6 to 12 years)

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  • three part cards for each biome.
  • teachers guide
  • black-line masters.

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