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In Upper Elementary, students use the Introduction to the Biomes with Curriculum and nomenclature cards as a basis to dive more deeply into the biomes by studying the different ecosystems found within each and the adaptations of particular species living there. They can use the cards to design their own plant or animal nomenclature. The carbon and nitrogen cycles (covered in the nomenclature) and water cycle (explored with the Water Cycle Mat) help them understand the way that nature is designed to work. This provides a basis for understanding environmental issues. Now including the Rock Cycle Mat! The Biosphere Nesting Box demonstrates how everything relates to everything else and can be used as a reference point before delving into the intricacies of the elements, cellular structure, or the classification of living things. The Tree of Life work maps out the classification of living things as the children build the tree from the kingdoms up through phylums, classes, and species. This material visually demonstrates the relationships amongst living things and shows the incredible biodiversity of life on Earth beginning with the first unicellular life in the Kingdom Monera through to the Kingdom Animalia. Animals are explored from phylum to class and orders for the chordates.


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Biosphere Nesting Box



An Introduction to the Biomes with Curriculum-Elementary



Solar System Mat



Water Cycle Mat



Rock Cycle Mat



Tree of Life Bundle



Three Part Card Tray Cabinet -Elementary



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