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Wheel of Life Package
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Life moves in rhythms and cycles with nature. Our Wheel of Life Puzzles help awaken children to this idea. These puzzles illustrate various life cycles. They familiarize children with how a cycle works - that the end is the beginning again. This builds an understanding and appreciation of the perfection and sustainability of nature’s cycles. It also develops a sense of how these cycles relate to the eight directions taught by indigenous cultures. Cycles begin in the East with the dawning of the day and, continuing clockwise, each puzzle piece reflects the qualities of its directional point and its place on the Wheel.

The Wheel of Life - Life Cycles Bundle includes the Wheel of Life Puzzle Base, Life Cycle of a Bean Plant Puzzle, Life Cycle of a Butterfly Puzzle, and Food Chain in the Temperate Forest Puzzle. The wooden base is designed to be used with all Wheel of Life puzzles. Tabs for directions are placed by the child to reinforce their orientation to the eight cardinal points and serve as a control for the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle includes eight puzzle pieces, corresponding text sequence cards, and a teachers guide. This bundle also includes blackline masters so that children can create their own cycles and a wooden box with lid for storage.

The food chain in a temperate forest:

Starting with an acorn seedling, the pieces track up the food chain for the children to learn about a caterpillar that feeds on the tree, a bird that eats the caterpillar, a snake that eats the bird's egg, and a hawk that eats the snake. The story focuses on the transfer of energy necessary to support a food chain and the cyclical nature of these actions. 

The bean plant's life cycle:

The pieces track the progression of the seedling's growth throughout the seasons. The children get to follow along with the plant's growth, budding and fruiting, death, and renewal as a new plant from its own seeds to start the cycle again. 

The butterfly's life cycle:

The pieces track the progression of the caterpillar's growth and metamorphosis into a Monarch and the Monarch's life and reproduction to start the cycle again. 

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  • 3 sets with 8 wooden puzzle pieces
  • 3 sets with 8 sequence cards
  • wheel of life puzzle base
  • wooden box with lid for storage


*please contact us if you need to purchase any of these pieces separately. 


Wheel of Life Package
Wheel of Life Package-unpacked
Wheel of Life Package-storage