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In the Primary classroom, children learn the names of the continents with the Globe and then with the Continent Mat and Continent Mat Wooden Animals. They practice fine motor control and spatial awareness with Biome Puzzle Maps while creating a first impression of the world as a landscape of forests, deserts, and mountains.


Primary level three part cards for the Biomes are used for matching games, differentiating animals, discussing adaptations, and, later, research with the Biome Stamps. People cards are used similarly to learn about adaptations and basic needs of different cultures.


Classroom packages include all materials shown on this page. Classroom shelving is sold separately and can be found here:


Complete Set of Biome Puzzles with Stand



Complete Set of Biome Cards for the Continents-Primary



Biome Stamps



Continent Mat Bundle



Three Part Card Tray Cabinet -Primary



Animal Measuring Tape



Please find PDF copies of our lessons and masters in the

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