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The Montessori method values the order of a systematic approach, isolating the principles to be taught and building skills with small, manageable steps. The Waseca Reading Program covers all of those bases. Our phonetic progression takes the traditional pink, blue, green series a step farther with nine cabinets based on the Orton Gillingham sequence developed for children with dyslexia. The Waseca Reading Program Storage is an efficient and attractive addition to the classroom and makes the materials available for the child to use independently. They can see where they are headed with the materials and become very self-motivated. 

For young children, it is important to have readers that follow a consistent phonetic sequence. Our newly updated Biome Readers for the Continents use color coding that follows the Waseca Reading Program, progressing from three letter phonetics in the red series to more complicated soft consonants in gold. As a class is studying a continent (and the people and animals that live there), these readers allow every child an opportunity to read about what they are studying. Waseca Sentence Building, a new addition to our Language Materials, is a fun and engaging way to expand reading skills. Now, a child can build sentences to describe gorgeous, original illustrations with words based on the phonetic elements they have mastered through their work with the Waseca Reading Program! The materials are color-coded to follow the progression of the Waseca Reading Program and correspondingly increase in sophistication, both in vocabulary and grammar, starting with simple sentences and building to complex sentences that contain subordinate clauses and parenthetical phrases. As it seamlessly integrates with the Waseca Reading Program and our Continent Readers, Waseca Sentence Building will be replacing Language Works in our Language Materials classroom packages this year. We believe the materials will be useful not just for bolstering reading skills but also for inspired extensions with writing and grammar studies!



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Waseca Sentence Building



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