Complete Set of Biome Cards for the Continents-Elementary


  • Complete Biome Cards-Elementary
  • North America Biome Cards-Elementary
  • Africa Biome Cards-Elementary
  • South America Biome Cards-Elementary
  • Asia Biome Cards-Elementary
  • Europe Biome Cards-Elementary
  • Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary
  • Antarctica Biome Cards-Elementary
  • biomes of the continent labels
  • Complete Set of Biome Cards for the Continents-Elementary

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Designed for elementary classes, this material covers all the biomes found on a particular continent and offers a structure for independent research. Three-part cards include: a description card for older readers, an illustrated picture card and a label.  Each biome is explored with cards for these examples:

  • Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Fish, Invertebrate, Plant.
  • People, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, Culture.

Animal cards are chosen for their interesting environmental adaptations. Indigenous, rural and urban cultures are explored for a realistic view of people on the continent. A teacher’s manual outlines lesson presentation and offers ideas for extensions. A black-line biome map and masters of the illustrations are also included. All sets are cut and ready to laminate. 

Includes all 7 sets of Biome of a Continent work for each continent and masters. Save $40 when you purchase this complete set.

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