Oceania Readers


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Oceania Readers
Oceania Readers
Oceania Readers

Biome Readers for the Continents allow emerging readers to read independently for content as you are studying a continent! These reader sets introduce phonetic elements with the same progression and color-coding as our Waseca Reading Program.

Each set includes 9 readers with stories pertaining to that continent. First, the child reads the unillustrated book so that she can focus on decoding. Next, the child reads the text on the corresponding text cards to match to the included picture cards. Numbers on the back of the cards serve as a control for error. Finally, the child can use the masters to demonstrate confidence and comprehension by illustrating a copy of the story to take home.

Each reader set includes 9 tyvek reader books that come with individual hardcover folios with pockets to store the picture cards, text cards, and book. All 9 folios can be stored in the beautiful birch box that is ready for your classroom shelf!

In lieu of the embossed icon on each reader folio, the reader storage now includes brass clips that highlight the icon and make it easier to read from afar!

The nine folios included with each reader storage box now come with a set of icon clips for you to add to each spine. Ten clips are included (just in case you need an extra). These clips slide snugly over the top of each folio.

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ISBN: 978-1-7331838-5-7



Numbats and Wombats

Koalas and Gum Trees

The Cuscus

The Dingo

The Carpet Python

The Kangaroo

The Emu

The Platypus

The Satin Bowerbird

Oceania Readers
Oceania Readers
Oceania Readers