Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary


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Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary
Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary
Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary
We find Australia to be largely desert in the middle surrounded by grasslands, with some tropical forest in the north and temperate forest further south.  There are wetlands areas along the coast as well.  The indigenous peoples, being Aboriginal tribes, have experienced various degrees of assimilation into western culture; we look at a tribe in the wetlands and another in the tropical forest.  People in Sydney live in the temperate forest, while others live more remotely in the outback regions of grassland and desert. Ranchers exist in grassland, while miners and their families live in caves in the desert. 

Designed for elementary classes, this material covers all the biomes found on a particular continent and offers a structure for independent research. Three-part cards include: a description card for older readers, an illustrated picture card and a label.  Each biome is explored with cards for these examples:

Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Fish, Invertebrate, Plant.

People, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, Culture.

All three cards are printed with coding on the backside for continent, biome and the classifications identified above. Animal cards are chosen for their interesting environmental adaptations. Indigenous, rural and urban cultures are explored for a realistic view of people on the continent. A teacher’s manual outlines lesson presentations and offers ideas for extensions. A black-line biome map and masters of the illustrations are also included. All sets are cut and ready to laminate. (6 to 12 years)

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  • three part cards for each biome.
  • teachers guide
  • black-line masters.
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Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary
Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary
Oceania Biome Cards-Elementary