Wheel of Life-Puzzle Base


  • Wheel of Life-Puzzle Base
  • Wheel of Life-Puzzle Base
  • Wheel of Life-Puzzle Base

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The four or eight directions have, traditionally, been associated with the times of the day and the seasons of the year. Daily, we can observe that the sun rises in the East and makes its way to the South during the daylight hours to set in the West. Crossing the North (out of sight - a period of rest) it greets us again in the East for a new day.  The Wheel of Life Puzzles help the child to understand and appreciate the perfection and sustainability of nature’s cycles. The child becomes familiar with how a cycle works (that the end is the beginning again) and develops a sense of how those cycles relate to the eight directions taught by indigenous cultures.

The wooden base is designed to be used with all Wheel of Life puzzles. Tabs for directions are placed by the child to reinforce their orientation to the eight cardinal points and serve as a control for the puzzle pieces. Includes blackline masters of the design so that the children can create their own cycles. Puzzles sold separately.

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