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Build the Tree of Life from the kingdoms up through phylums, classes and species. This material teaches how living things are classified and shows the incredible biodiversity of life on earth. Start building at the trunk, branching off with the first unicellular life in the Kingdom Monera, then the Kingdom Protista with more complex single cells, the Kingdom Fungi with multicellular life forms, the Kingdom Plantae and the Kingdom Animalia. Animals are explored from phylum to class and orders for the chordates. A file of cards is included explaining the attributes of each classification and information about the specimen illustrated on the leaf. A canvas control chart numbers each leaf and corresponds with the number on the cards. (6 to 12 years)

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  • Branching puzzle pieces
  • 69 different specimen leaves
  • Canvas control chart
  • Taxonomy fact file
  • Wooden box for fact file


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