Antarctica Animal Cards


  • Antarctica Animal Cards
  • Antarctica Animal Cards

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Animals of a Biome Three-part cards include: a description card for young readers, matching illustrated picture cards and a label. For each set, there are fifteen different animals that can be found in a particular biome. The card sets are color-coded for their continent with additional coding on the back to help with self-checking and organization. Descriptions focus on the animal’s adaptations and diet, and the language is simplified to encourage and stimulate the research of budding writers. Children learn the names of the animals and can read more about them in the Biome Readers.  Also included are masters to make coloring books that encourage children to “color like scientists” and pay attention to the markings on the animals. Cards are cut and ready to laminate. (3 to 8 years)

The biome covered in Animals of Antarctica is:

  • Polar Regions
Each biome set includes 15 different animals, with examples of invertebrates and the five classes of vertebrates.

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