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This work has been a favorite in Montessori classrooms for 24 years. Set of 66 picture booklets and 66 matching word lists are now color-coded to work beautifully with the Waseca Reading Program. Booklets contain a total of 464 original high quality black-and-white illustrations. The unique self-checking system has children write in the window, read the word and check with the picture. Next, they use the pictures as cues and add the beginning and ending sounds to complete the words. Newest version (2011) has lamination on both front and back of the booklets and the lists. Includes a 45-minute teacher DVD with in-class demonstrations and 18 extension activities. Includes orange books!*

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of this product. 

* If you purchased a Language Works set before Spring 2016 and do not have the orange books and cards, please contact us to complete your set. The price for the orange addition is $40 and includes one box for storage. 

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