Antarctica Biome Readers


  • Antarctica Biome Readers
  • Antarctica Biome Readers
  • Antarctica Biome Readers
  • Antarctica Biome Readers

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New! Antarctica Biome Readers. When a class is studying a continent and the people and animals that live there, these phonetic readers will allow every child, even those reading three-letter words with short vowels, an opportunity to read about what they are studying.

With a preparation of learning some basic sight words, the child reads the small booklet without pictures so that they can focus on decoding. Next, the child reads the same text again in the process of matching it to illustrations. Numbers on the back of the cards allow for self-checking. Newly revised masters for the booklets are included so that the final step involves the child reading the text for a third time, showing more confidence and demonstrating her comprehension by illustrating her own copy to take home.

The color-coding follows the reading program, and the introduction of phonetic elements is consistent with the sequence used there. A child on the blue box in the reading program should be able to read all of the booklets up to the blue level. (3 to 9 years)

delightful readers in the Antarctica series:
  1. Red- What Is It?
  2. Orange- Antarctica
  3. Yellow- Krill
  4. Green- Plankton
  5. Aqua- Penguins
  6. Blue- Seals 
  7. Purple- Seasons in Antarctica
  8. Pink- The Emperor Penguin
  9. Gold- The Antarctic Treaty

Please download the masters to see contents.

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New masters for making books!

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Antarctica Biome Cards-Primary

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